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Olivia's Coffee House ~ Eustis, FL Olivia's Coffee House ~ Eustis, FL
Olivia's Coffee House ~ Eustis, FL


OLIVIA’s  IS CLOSING….     Thanks for the memories…

After much thought and heart and soul searching I have made the decision to close my business, Olivia’s Coffeehouse and Bistro and retire.   This has not been an easy decision to make.  Actually it is one of the hardest decisions I have ever made but none the less an important personal decision. To answer a couple of questions that I am sure are in folks minds…  Yes, I have looked for someone to purchase the business for some time now and have had several interested parties however the terms and stability of each did not work out.   Yes, I have looked for a manager; however, I would still be involved.  AND Yes, I am sad and know that many of you are sad as well. Heartfelt Love to ALL.   There are probably many more questions as time moves forward…please feel free to ask.  This is simply a change in my life’s deck of cards.  Nothing bad and not a financial decision.  Olivia is Retiring.

 I opened Olivia’s 8 years ago and have had the most amazing and incredibly wonderful business success adventure,   sometimes overwhelming and sometimes a feeling of defeat but much more often,  times of excitement and adventure.   Olivia’s became a destination for Eustis.  I am proud to be a part of Eustis. I have touch 1000’s of hearts and they have touched mine.  Forever I will remember…  Life is full of changes and balance is important.    Without the staff at Olivia’s and their love as well we would have been just an ordinary place to go.   They took  my thoughts and ideas …. Put them in action… Olivia’s, The Out  Of The Ordinary Place To Be…  THANK  YOU.

 This small coffeehouse grew steadily over the years and has been a success that I will carry in my heart forever.  Olivia’s provided an atmosphere for relaxation, for healing of the soul, for business meetings and a portable office for many (I love it).  J Most important a place for music…

Olivia’s Coffeehouse opened its doors with music in mind.  I just wanted to sell coffee and play music.  The Lake County Folk Festival was our opening day… first day of business…. What was I thinking… WOW what a ride… with Friday Night Open Mics, Saturday Night Featured Musicians and Sunday Afternoon Music and Jams and many other music special nights.   I feel so honored to have had so many musicians touch my life and make Olivia’s a special place.  I want to thank you for your support and belief in me as a person and for all you have done to help me succeed.     

 Olivia’s will have a couple of farewell/retirement music parties.

 Friday,May 29, Open Mic Night

 Saturday, May 30 with HWY 19

 Sunday, May 31 with John French, the original musician that play the first song at Olivia, and his band La Grange. Also Jenn Weidley and Friends will be here and A FINAL JAM.    FUN, FOOD, MUSIC & MORE…     




Olivia's Coffee House ~ Eustis, FL
Olivia's Coffee House ~ Eustis, FL Olivia's Coffee House ~ Eustis, FL

Olivia's Coffee House ~ Eustis, FL Olivia's Coffee House ~ Eustis, FL
Olivia's Coffee House ~ Eustis, FL


I thought I had found the person to purchase and keep Olivia's as is however, the time frame and overall business plan did not come together.  

So I moved out and turned the location back over to Daniel, the owner and landlord of the building.      

He has in turned continued to work with the person and they continue to move forward.  

The new place will not be associated with me as Olivia's.    I have no other information at this time regarding the restaurant.   I wish them much success.

As for me,  I am taking some needed time out and enjoying some time with my family as well.   I am still looking for another adventure in the future.   In the meantime,  Barnwood BBQ, located by Ferran Park on the west end of Magnolia has a great Breakfast and  Lunch....   Mindy is there and enjoying the opportunity of seeing many of Olivia's customers...  

I will be working on some music nights soon and will keep you posted.  I hope all is well with everyone and please keep in touch via email Oliviascoffeehouse@gmail.com or on the contact icon of the website if you would like to touch base!!   Always, Olivia 

Olivia's Coffee House ~ Eustis, FL
Olivia's Coffee House ~ Eustis, FL Olivia's Coffee House ~ Eustis, FL


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Olivia's Coffee House
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